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Failure is an option, but fear is not
James Cameron, Ted Talk

We all know that Facebook has filed for an IPO later this year.  Their S-1 Document was the same old thing with all the facts and figures that people want to see of a company going public.  Who want to read that? If that’s your view then you missed the letter Mark Zuckerberg sent to the shareholders explaining how Facebook operates.  It operates the Hacker Way.  This a great letter that really envisions what all startups should strive to be like.  The fact that they are able to do this with thousands of employees is unbelievable.  The fact that they believe they can continue to operate this way after their IPO is ballsy.  My favourite line from this is: “we don’t build services to make money; we make money to build better services.”

That’s it in a nutshell.  That’s why you start companies.  That’s why you’re an Entrepreneur, not a Business person.  If that’s not how you look at your business, you shouldn’t be in it.  Not because you are a bad person, but because your company won’t be the greatest company in it’s field (unless you field is to actually make money).  Why create something if it’s not going to be great, or at least has a shot at being great?

Fail Harder
Take Risks, Accept Failures, Have Fun.
What I think Richard Branson’s mantra to life is.

In order for your company to operate properly you need a good team.  Your team has to be made up of your go-to people.  People who you can trust will get the job done, by any means.  You want people who will solve the problems that pop up, without coming to you for the solution.  In order for your business to be the best it can be, you can’t be solving the problems that crop up.  Your team has to.  The only way your team can, is if you have great people.

Apparently small business is no longer that small.  The new startup is a Micro business.  These are business with less than 5 people and making around $250,000/year.  Interesting concept.  If you want to look at starting a micro business, here are some things to look at to make it work.

If you want press, you need to talk to journalists.  It’s that simple.  They have a job, and it’s your job to make their’s easier.  How do you do that?  By being prepared.  Here’s a good run down of what you should do to get prepared to talk to the press.  There’s also a list of good questions you will most likely be asked in your interview.  


At Technically Philly we are in a unique position.

Because we have such a specific niche, we are often the first interaction a local company has with the press. Many times we are dealing with first-time entrepreneurs who are responsible for their own marketing and media outreach. Typically,…

Interesting perspective on the tech startup scene in my home town.  I’d be interested in seeing how this plays out.  I think Vancouver should have more of a vibrant tech scene with more recognition.  


File under startup ecosystem. By Jesse Heaslip. I still need to read this a couple more times and digest it. He’s not wrong, but I don’t think he’s completely right, either :)